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Radio Consoles and Related Products 2019

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Wheatstone Digital Networkable Radio Consoles


LXE gives you the power to program the entire surface. Each knob and button can be assigned whatever function you need using our new ConsoleBuilder software. With full color OLEDs that reflect status and function, the LXE offers superb visual feedback as well as nearly endless configurability.


NEW: Glass LXE Virtual Console

Glass LXE is a multi-touch UI that operates as a standalone virtual console into the WheatNet-IP audio network, a complete IP audio ecosystem of consoles, talent stations, I/O units, accessories and SIP phone and codec distribution appliances. 


NEW: Remote LXE Virtual Console

Remote LXE is a multi-touch virtual console mirrors the LXE control surface for an independent, yet shared user experience during fast-paced, multi-operator shows and productions.. 


A powerful low-profile, tabletop control surface with hot-swappable modules, The LX-24 features high-resolution metering, LED rings for aux level and pan control feedback, and powerful monitoring facilities.


The L-8 and L-12 are based on all the same design principles as the LX-24 – precision-built, low-profile, tabletop IP control surfaces with hot-swappable individual fader modules that offer assignable sources to any fader.


Powerful and sized just right for on-air or production studios. The E-6 has more faders, more source assignments, and more mix-minus capability for demanding applicaitons.


The E-1 control surface has everything any large-scale console has but in half the footprint -- and cost. It's great in standalone and fully networked roles.


The IP-12 and IP-16 control surfaces are the perfect entry into audio-over-IP networking for small to medium sized radio operations. With WheatNet-IP, this console can also be part of a networked operation..

Sideboard and Talent Stations

With our Talent Stations and Sideboards, Wheatstone has created network appliances that fit anyplace you need them. Dial up sources or destinations on your network for news reporters, interviewees, guests, etc. Their low profile, minimal design make them unobtrusive and easy to use.

Glass-E Virtual Consoles

Glass-E is an advanced remote access tool. Install the Glass-E Virtual Mixer on your laptop and control any LX-24, E-6 or E-1 control surface from your home, a restaurant or anywhere there’s an internet connection.

PR&E Digital Networkable Radio Consoles


EMX brings everything the legendary PR&E brand is famous for to a full-sized AoIP networkable console that can handle the demands of full scale production studios and 24/7/365 on-air applications. Loaded with features that make broadcast radio a joy.


The DMX AoIP console is an ideal setup for the two- or three-studio facility where each studio can act independently as a separate standalone entity, but the studios are linked together through an IP network.

Audioarts Standalone Radio Consoles


Combining the best in a standalone console with the latest in modern conveniences such as USB and Bluetooth™ connectivity, Lightning comes in a 12- or 16-channel tabletop frame and has all the essentials for talk studios or newsrooms.


The AIR-5 audio console is a 16-fader console with all the essentials for smaller studios or for newsrooms. It has four microphone preamps built in, which allows the use of a host microphone and three guest microphones without the use of any external mic preamps.


With our Audioarts AIR-4 12-channel radio console, we’ve put together exactly what needs to be in a compact radio console and made it work the way it should. The AIR-4 is based upon a simple premise: Low cost does not have to be synonymous with low quality.


Conserve studio space, not studio capability. The AIR-1 is our most capable standalone console in a compact footprint yet. It fits anywhere your laptop computer does with 8-channles for on-air, production, podcasting or remotes.

Audioarts 08

Made for the demands of professional broadcasting, the Audioarts 08 is designed for fast-paced, live on-air, streamed or produced applications with easy access to controls.

WheatNet-IP Networking

WNIP Chart Small


WheatNet-IP is a network system that utilizes Internet Protocol to enable audio to be intelligently distributed to devices across scaleable networks. It enables all audio sources to be available to all devices (such as mixing consoles, control surfaces, software controllers, automation devices, etc) and controlled from any and all devices. WheatNet-IP is AES67 compatible, yet is unique in that it represents an entire end-to-end solution, complete with audio transport, full control, and a toolset to enable exceptionally intelligent deployment and operation.



NEW: SwitchBlade

SwitchBlade combines the power of AoIP control with SIP connectivity and codec bandwidth optimization, removing barriers to combining studio operations in separate locations.





NEW: StreamBlade (preview)

StreamBlade lets you stream two channels of stereo audio directly from your WheatNet-IP network. AAC, MP3, and OPUS formats are supported.





NEW: PhoneBlade

Wheatstone combines the latest in studio AoIP technology and the latest in VoIP phone technology with the introduction of its PhoneBlade VoIP telephone system. PhoneBlade is made specifically for connecting VoIP phone systems directly into the WheatNet-IP audio networkwithout telephone hybrids or other interfaces.





NEW: Stagebox One

The 4RU StageBox One extends console I/O, providing 32 mic/line inputs, 16 analog line outputs, and 8 AES3 inputs and 8 AES3 outputs as well as 12 logic ports and two Ethernet ports. Its heavy duty construction makes it adept for on-the-go applications, such as remote sporting events. StageBox One works with all WheatNet-IP audio networked consoles. 



BLADES are the interfaces used to build a WheatNet-IP network. Each BLADE has enough functionality to be a complete radio studio. I/O, Processing, Routing, exceptional control over all aspects of your network, AES67 compatibility for working with other networks – a world of power in each BLADE.

VoxPro Record/Edit/Playback in Real Time


VoxPro is unique. Out of all the recorder/editors in the world, ONLY VoxPro integrates a dedicated ergonomic controller with purpose-created software designed expressly for use on-the-air to record, edit, and play clips in real time. 



Virtualizing almost the entire studio is not only possible but prevalent. With ScreenBuiilder you can create software solutions that exceed hardware in their capabilities. With WheatNet-IP Navigator, you can setup and modify your entire network with ease.

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