Wheatstone Overview Videos

Wheatstone Means Quality

Jeff Keith, Mike Erickson, and Steve Dove talk about Wheatstone's reputation for quality, in all its forms.

Why We Manufacture Under One Roof

Jay Tyler and Andy Calvanese look back on the reason Wheatstone operates as it does, keeping all of our manufacturing processes in-house.

Manufacturing Flexibility and Quality

Jay and Andy touch on some of the reasons we keep all of our manufacturing processes in-house: we're flexible enough to respond to availability changes, and exercise some control over our supply chain.

Advantages of Dominance and Agility

As our founder has been known to say, "It's good to be the king!" In this video, Jay and Andy discuss Wheatstone's dominant position in the market, and explain how that's advantageous to our customers as well as to us.

Made In The USA

A short, 60-second promo video for Wheatstone Corporation.

Brad Harrison Interview from Broadcast Asia 2016

Check out a great interview with Wheatstone's Brad Harrison at BroadcastAsia 2016, courtesy of our friends at InBroadcast. Also gives a nice overview of the new LXE Console.

More Wheatstone Videos


Idea Factory Videos

We asked some of our folks to go on camera and simply talk to each other. We think you'll like what they had to say... unrehearsed and unscripted. Be sure to check out this series which gets into great detail about how and why Wheatstone does what it does with respect to Wheatstone and Audioarts consoles, our television audio products, our audio processing gear, as well as WheatNet-IP.



Wheatstone Interviews the Broadcast Industry

At this year's NAB show, we invited many people from all corners of the industry to join us in conversations about all things broadcast. Obviously, we focused on audio for broadcast because, well, it's what we know.

We didn't really know what to expect, but the results definitely exceeded even our greatest expectations. We touched on many, many subjects and heard some fascinating things about what people are doing with audio in the broadcast world. Each of these videos is a wealth of information spanning every aspect of audio for broadcast.

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